Confronting Cancer Through Art

This is a series of paintings and works on canvas exploring the scarring and complexity of emotions once a diagnosis of cancer is given.

Holding it Together

Holding it Together

Scarring is both physical and emotional to those with cancer, but cancer also scars family and friends. Feelings from raging anger, pain, denial, anxiety, fear, depression, hope and sometimes joy are battle scars of confronting cancer.

A year after my diagnosis of colon cancer in 1992 I began taking art classes at New York Botanical Garden and earned certification as a botanical artist. Thus began a 20 year career as a botanical artist and instructor of botanical drawing and watercolor painting. My botanical work often portrayed a plant’s life cycle including the seeds to symbolize a guaranteed future.

And then one night, 22 years after my first diagnosis, (17 years after a metastasis and 14 years after the third occurrence) I was overcome with a desire to “Confront Cancer through Art”, and my direction completely changed.

This body of work is a personal exploration of my own scarring and survival; and my reaction to the daunting experiences of my closest friends when dealing with cancer.

I am exploring the emotional turmoil of cancer using paint and brushes, thread, mirror, and a variety of other materials.

The threads represent stitches, scars, scarring, healing, holding together, tearing apart, and the thread of cancer in my life., and too many other lives.
I hope to evoke an emotional response from you to the various abstract arrangements of color, lines, shapes, and textures., as you work your way through these paintings.

In the struggle against cancer, art is a tool of survival.
For me, creative expression and the will to live have become intertwined. Each work is a documentation that I EXIST TODAY.

This work is the stitching back together of body and soul.


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